“We are so thankful to the Mendiburu Magic Foundation, they have helped my family for many years and Zoe has a quality of life that is amazing now. We are so grateful the past and ongoing support provided during this difficult time. The staff at UCLA and Mendiburu Magic is awesome, thanks to all that support us within the community”

Patty Salazar
faith alvarez    

Faith’s father had just lost his job before his daughter became ill and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make ends meet. With a portion of the medical bills handled through the assistance funds, the family says they were able to make it through the financial and emotional time. “In a time of uncertainty, I was very grateful to have he Mendiburu Magic Foundation assist the family.

Guillermo Alvarez

We received money to pay our rent while Pedro was in the hospital in Los Angeles. Money was very tight and we were unable to work because we needed to be at the hospital every day. The check helped so much and Pedro is doing so much better now. He is such a good boy!

Alejandra, Pedro's Mom

Justin was diagnosed with aplastic anemia on Christmas Eve 2010 and it was a very scary time for him and our family. We had to stay in Los Angeles when he was first diagnosed for 6 days and the Mendiburu Magic Foundation helped us with food vouchers. The Foundation continues to help us with gas cards when we travel to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles twice a month for treatment. Without the help of the Mendiburu Magic Foundation we wouldn’t be able to afford to travel back and forth twice a month for his follow up appointments.

Donna Martinez

Abigale was diagnosed in April with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.  Hoping to regulate the condition with medication we went for a follow up at UCLA and stayed for over 21 days with Abigale going into surgery on her heart.  Having two teenagers at home and needing to continue to be with Abigale at the hospital, expenses/bills were piling in and we needed assistance.  The Mendiburu Magic Foundation has been a big blessing in helping us pay some of the bills while we focus on our daughter’s recovery and there are no words to describe our thanks.

Megan Karr

“Alana was diagnosed with Spina Bifida before she was born and will probably continue to receive treatment for the remainder of her life.  Currently she receives treatment twice a month at Valley Children’s Hospital.  The Mendiburu Magic Foundation helped my family at one of the toughest moments.  Alana was hospitalized for 10 days at Valley Children’s hospital during the holidays (Thanksgiving) and my other children were still in Bakersfield.  The patient assistance funds from the Mendiburu Magic Foundation made it possible for me to go pick up my other kids and purchase food for all of us to be together during the holidays.  We were all so thankful and happy to be together, especially Alana, who was able to spend the holidays with her siblings.”

Jenniffer Kirk