Larry E. Reider Youth Professional Award

Dr. Larry E. Reider was a key member of the founding committee (elected as Kern County Superintendent of Schools, 1999-2009) to build Mendiburu Magic Foundation, the first-ever Chairman for the Mendiburu Magic Community Advisory Board of Directors and Vice-Chair for the Board of Trustees, since 2000.  On behalf of the Mendiburu Magic Foundation, the prestigious Larry E. Reider Award is presented annually to an outstanding Youth Development Professional in the area of social enrichment, arts, literacy, or character development.

The award recipient is screened by the organization awards & scholarships committee and chosen based on his/her commitment and dedication to the cultivation of young people in Kern County.  His/her valued work with young people county-wide has shaped responsible citizens who make our community a better place.  In addition, the award is presented to a professional who helps young people realize their full potential through excellence in programming and innovation.

Larry E. Reider clearly represents integrity, hard work, and always doing the right thing, no matter who is looking.  If you can lend a helping hand, then do it, without desire for repayment later.  This sort of selfless dedication to his community and profession is found in this worthy award recipient.