“The two most meaningful gifts we have are words and action.”

We thank you so much for your interest and willingness to donate your time or financial support today.  With decreasing public support, increasing financial burdens due to these medical conditions, and the challenge of balancing all of these factors, our families are frequently stressed and overwhelmed.  Our charity organization tries to assist families by relieving these stressors and contributing towards healthy community strategy.

Should you choose to make a financial contribution today, the foundation can accept cash, check, credit card, and planned/arranged giving thru a will, trust, or personal estate.  We can also take a one-time or a monthly recurring donation. Mendiburu Magic does work with a Finance & Budget committee, chaired by a local CPA, and comprised of community leaders from the banking and financial sector of our local community, and is also staffed with a professional bookkeeper and attorney.

You can donate now online, or please contact Valerie Mendiburu at valerie@mendiburumagic.org or Brian Mendiburu at brian@mendiburumagic.org for more information about automatic employee payroll deductions, donating thru United Way of Kern County, and automatic monthly donations from your checking account (partners that bank with Valley Strong credit union in Bakersfield, California).

We can discuss various options and recognition programs related to your kind gift. Mendiburu Magic has strived to reach out to those within our mission and vision; and we will provide a mechanism for each donor to give at a level that is comfortable to them.  In addition, Mendiburu Magic will continue to be inclusive and seek necessary community input before all major decisions and we pay close attention to detail, accountability, and transparency with all aspects of funding and programming/operational issues.  This is guaranteed.

Mendiburu Magic Foundation funds are generated through annual special events, corporate and individual contributions and are allocated regionally, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Annual contributions reflect the success of Mendiburu Magic Foundation’s fund raising efforts for that fiscal year.