Be A Magic Maker! – 12/12/12

By admin January 23rd, 2012

“Be a Magic Maker! Find 12 friends in the year 2012 to give $12 one time, or $12 monthly, and help us make magic happen for children & families in Kern County!”

Donations benefit Mendiburu Magic Patient Assistance Funds. Mendiburu Magic Funds are disbursed at area medical organizations and hospitals for children, ages 0-17 within the County of Kern. The Mendiburu Magic Foundation uses referral based requests to assist those affected by life-threatening or catastrophic illness. Families work with designated medical social workers to receive assistance from the Foundation.

With increasing financial burdens due to these medical conditions, families are frequently stressed and overwhelmed. Our public-benefit organization assists families by relieving some of these stressors and helping with the small things. Things that may fall through the cracks such as home utility bills, gasoline and lodging needed for out-of-area medical treatment, medication, incidentals, etc.

Mendiburu Magic Funds are used to improve the Quality of Life and to Create Everlasting Memories for families whose children are impacted by cancer and other life threatening illnesses.